Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Hardest part is saying Goodbye

The hardest part is saying my goodbyes. Being in Cuenca Ecuador has changed me. I have met so many new friends, lived with a wonderful and compassionate Family, Speaking the language (Spanish) and being emerged into the culture. El Nomad Ecuador​ has really opened up my eyes, whether it came to Volunteering at Foundation "El Arenal", Having my 1 on 1 Spanish classes or just exploring the city as a whole. I have treasured every moment of my time here in Ecuador and will never forget this spectacular experience. Thank you so much Rebecca Adams de Garate​, Bek Summons​, Graciela Granda Palacios​, El Nomad Ecuador for the best experience. I hope to come back soon and see what adventures will await me.

Cuenca Ecuador

Being in Cuenca Ecuador for 3 months have changed my perspective of the world as a whole. It is amazing how much of a culture shock it can be. Being in Cuenca for the past 3 months have really helped me open up my mind and think outside my comfort zone. Speaking Spanish everyday, Walking to get to places instead of driving, Bonding with my host family and doing activities together as a whole has helped me learn about the different cultural aspects here. I have learned so much being here, meeting new friends, volunteering at "El Arenal" or just walking around alone or with friends. Cuenca is such a close knit town. Everyone around you is so kind and willing to help out. I will miss Cuenca so much and all my memories here. My experiences have been amazing and i will never forget this experience.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Last Leg

I am in my last leg of being in Ecuador. I can't believe it is already march. It feels like i just arrived in Ecuador and started my Adventure. I have had so many good experience here. Meeting new people, meeting Ecuadorians. Being in Ecuador i have really come out of my shell and comfort zone. I have become more fluent in Spanish and learn about the culture as a whole. I hope i can come back to Ecuador and experience this adventure again. I have to take my days one step at a time. Whether it comes to Volunteering with the children at the Fundacion El Arenal, or having my Spanish classes. I am learning so much here and will treasure this forever. I can't wait what awaits me here. Vive Ecuador. <3 nbsp="">

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Adventures at the beach

Last weekend i had a great experience going to the beach with a couple of my friends. It was a nice get away and just have time to relax. I got to enjoy the beautiful Isla de la plata and see blue footed boobies. The beach was amazing and the water was nice and warm. Isla de la Plata was amazing. The water was so clear and perfect for swimming. We went on a little hike to learn about the Island and how it got its name. The background about the name is that there are spots on the rocks that the birds have been chipping away at and it looks like Silver. So the name came up as Isla de La plata. After our Isla de la Plata adventure we went snorkeling. That was amazing to see all the different kinds of fish all around me. There were all so pretty. We also got to see some Turtles to. That was amazing. The beach is an amazing place.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Carnaval in Cuenca Ecaudor

This weekend starting Sunday through Tuesday is a big celebration called Carnaval here. Many of the children, friends and families will go and play in the rivers, throw buckets or balloons of water at each other. It is a big festive thing here in Ecuador. I am looking forward to all the events and fun activities that will await me for Carnaval. A couple days ago i was walking to the Foundation El Arenal and there were a bunch of little kids who told me "quires agua en tu rope y tu cara". I abruptly said no i do not and please do not touch me with that water or i will me mad. About 5 seconds later i got nailed by a water gun, 5 water balloons, and a big bucket of water. It was rejuvenating in the end because i was hot and needed a cool down. It is crazy how many children will bribe you to get wet and if you say no they just think its a joke and go on with their lives.  I am really excited for Carnaval and what adventures will await me for this coming up week.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Fundación El Arenal

These next 2 weeks all these kiddos don't have school. Today we played all sorts of different games and the kids had a blast. They really had a great time and bonded with each other. It is a relief because they can have a break from homework and just be themselves. I am really enjoying being around all the kiddos. Its amazing because all the kids told me today that they didn't want me to leave. They wanted me to stay and volunteer forever. This is such an amazing experience to be around Spanish speaking children because you can pick up new words and really have a bond with all the children. Today was a fun day with the kiddos and can't wait for what tomorrow brings. We are going to be doing Origami with the children. This is my moment of fame to teach the children how to make "Pájaros" (Birds) and "Globos" (Boxes). Can't wait for what other adventures come by way. 

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Paute Adventures

Had an amazing time in Paute on Saturday. I went with some friends to a little girls birthday party. It was such an experience to be around all Ecuadorian people who only speak Spanish. Its very helpful for me because i can practice on the other hand. When being in Paute i also found that there are many flowers. Paute is a magical place to be because its so energetic with flowers and the vibrant colors. Here you will be a couple photos of the birthday party and the Gorgeous photos. Ecuador is such an amazing place.